Starting Over? I’m almost 60!!!

So I think I’m going to start a blog.   Yep about getting old and starting over!  I am now 58 years old and I’m kind of scared that 60 is just around the corner.  I know…. 60 is supposed to be the new 40.  But does that also mean I can start over at 60?  I mean, I can look 40, physically have my body look like its’ 40 (I’m working on….been working on it all my life)!    But starting over in a different place, career, home, at 60?!

30 was ok. 40 was a freaking life crisis. 50, huh! At 50 I thought I finally made that pivotal moment of life where joy abound and the world was all about me! My life was together at 50! I was divorced, graduated from seminary (yep, that’s what I said), had a one bedroom loft apartment, in such a not so nice part of Atlanta, but it was mine. Between 51 and 56, I was living life!!!  Bought a house, got married, at 57, sold the house, moved to Philadelphia, bought another house, buried my mom, gained all of the 20 pounds I lost. What stayed consistent? My job. Nope, not pastoring. But working for a corporation for 36 years…that stayed consistent (sad face emoji here, nothing to be excited being loyal to one company for 36 years…okay but I’m grateful that I was able to raise a child, who is now 36).

At almost 60 I’m scared. There I said it. I’m freaking scared! Sure I could say the other “f” word but I don’t think that would be very kind. At 60 I should be settling down, getting ready to relax and experience the fruits of my labor ( I didn’t save money like I should). I’m in a new place, learning the city, wondering if new neighbors will ever knock on our front door and say hi. Finding a new place of worship. Almost 60. I know I should be excited, getting ready to experience new things with an amazing husband.

So here I go. I’m about to step into a faith I would only talk about. Now faith has knocked on my door and pushed me to by saying….”let me see what you got woman”!!!

Here I go! I’m about to finally really jump into life. Now… about that job that is so consistent….nope, of course I’m not letting it go yet… not yet…. But watch…. I’m coming out of my box!

Here I go… almost 60.

Signed “me” 😳IMG_1233.jpg


10 thoughts on “Starting Over? I’m almost 60!!!

  1. Oh Wow, 60! Starting over is a new beginning. I must agree it is scary, but with faith, we will be able to do it. Love you, miss you. Niki


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog entry, luv. Keep them coming. Eternal blessings in your new endeavors. Hugs.


  3. Jacqui! You have always been so versatile, flexible, open and willing. Transition/change from the norm and unknown can make it seem like your in a black hole sinking deeper into the darkness. But over the past 4 years, I have grown, developed, leaped, fallen, failed, trusted and started over because Jesus continues and continues to be my lifeline, just as HE continues to be yours. So, continue to look up as you start over on this new journey of LIFE and bask in the refreshing of God’s love towards You! God Bless you for “starting “! Love you !


    1. Thanks my sis! My mom always said “you can always start over “. Well I’m looking to you for prayers and support. I will fail at times. But I know God got me and you. I’m looking forward to this “new” growth. Love ya!!!!


  4. Awesome!!!!! I’m 57 and thinking “Is this all there is?” I know what you mean, well sort of. I haven’t moved out of state.
    You start, I’ll follow beside you.


  5. Wonderful! I’m 61 and looking at moving again within the next two years. My working years are over but I finally have the time and freedom to be ME and focus on the important things in my life, the things that work always seemed to get in the way of. You will continue to be you on this journey, but with new textures and flavors. Still the strong but humble, grounded but refined, living and giving being we all adore. You got this, girl, so reach for the stars!


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