Thank you for dropping in.  This is where I tell you who I am and what this blog, “Beginning….Again” is all about!  Well first I’m a woman on a new journey.  I’m a wife, a mother and an ordained minister. Ok, those are my titles.  And I’m almost 60! Somewhere along the line I stop dreaming. I don’t know what happened, but I lost something.  I lost that “spark”!  Or whatever you call it.  I know I had “it”….and I’m on a mission go get “it” back…or at least remind myself that I still got “it”. So…. I guess I’m bringing people along with me who maybe looking for their “it” too. Come journey with me.  I promise to make this fun….alright some moments maybe dreadful!

Now, please for those who tell me that I’m an ordained minister, that I should know better and just tap into my faith….. don’t go there!!  I have faith! This is my honest spot.  God sees me and hears me when I’m not at my best.

Let the journey begin….again.

Rev. Jacqui 🙋🏾