This word has been on my mind a lot!  I can’t seem to shake it.  I’m not sure why this word is grabbing my attention.  Maybe because of the time and place we are in our nation.  Perhaps it is a word that we pray will describe how God will view us when children of refugees are returned to their parents and their parents be granted asylum; when public schools in every American town and city will receive the tools required to educate our children and not let it be based on zip codes; when gun-violence in schools is no longer the norm and children return home after the last school bell rings; when a Georgia town respects all of it’s residence the right to vote and not close 7 out of 9 precincts, which are in African American communities; when there is justice in our court systems and regardless of color of skin or economic status everyone is treated fairly; when farmers are able to raise crops and not be afraid of tariffs; when the President of the United States begin to treat citizens like God’s children instead of calling them dogs, son of bitches, dumb and when white supremacy is abolished instead of being classified as “very fine people”.

Grace is that wonderful amazing gift from God, this free and unmerited (favor) act through which God restores God’s estranged creatures to God self.  Wow!  We can’t lose grace right now, can we?  I can’t even begin to imagine and then in some sense I could see how grace could walk out the door, in tears.  But God is love.  Right?  Right?!!!!

Maybe this is why I can’t shake this word….as a reminder to the song written by Katharine Lee Bates which claims God shed God’s grace on thee.

America, America
God shed His Grace on Thee
And crown they good,
With brotherhood, 
from sea to shining sea. 

Yeah, I’m struggling with this word grace.  With God granting grace would not this nation seek forgiveness or does this nation demand God to grant this gift of grace without repenting for her sins?

Grace.  I’m struggling with this word…..


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