Thank you!

Thank you for dreaming your dream. Thank you for your creative spirit that pours out on laptop screens, blank sheet of papers, notebooks, journals and even that napkin stuffed in your pocket. Thank you for giving us voices and breathing us into an existence we thought not possible. Thank you for lifting us and making us feel safe. It is your words, those beautiful words, those painful words, those funny words, those challenging words, those make you feel like slapping your mama words (but we know better), those frightful words, those unifying words that give us feet to walk and hips to sway. Thank you.

To the writers who struggle to make sounds but sing even when they feel they won’t be heard. To the writers who teach us to keep on keeping on. To the writers who care, but don’t care, and write on anyhow. To the writers who share their stories with us, thank you for your power, grace and resilience.

Write on! We need you!


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