This Feminine Divine Is Determined!

You keep showing up, pushing and pushing me!

What do you want? What? I can’t do that!

Are you serious? You seriously want me to change the world! So what kool-aid have you been drinking?

What do you want me to do with a world that has become so old that all she wants to do is sit in her rocking chair and complain about every freaking thing?! What? You’re really funny!

What do you want me to say to a world that has spin so much of her axle on the wheels of a patriarchy and white supremacist ideologies, that would make you think that she can change? They have held her hostage since the beginning of creation! Ok, maybe not at the beginning, but you got to admit, they have held her for a pretty long time!

Hey, I’m just trying to get along so I can be left alone in this place! What?

What do you mean I can create?! Create what? There is chaos and destruction, the environment is dying and I’m sleepy, so I don’t understand what you want!!

You want me to breathe? But I am, despite all the fumes, I’m breathing quite well, thank you! What am I breathing? Are you saying my breath stinks?! I don’t have toxic breath!

Am I breathing hope and possibilities of a place I can be proud of? A place for all of her children?

You keep nudging me to produce something better and more loving towards her. She does need a revolutionary kind of power that only we can bring. Okay! You got me!

Now where is my cape?

"She is calling us in this time of women's rights being taken away, climate change having a major impact, banning books from classrooms and libraries and so many other issues, causing her to weep.  It's time for a rescue. Put on your cape and help save her."  Rev. JacquiP

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