One Night

The moment you asked me out!  Wow!  My heart was beating so fast.  You were the most gorgeous creation of God’s handiwork.  Your smile, the way you told corny jokes, the way you held my hand, acknowledging to all that we were a couple.

I felt loved.  I felt joy.  I felt beautiful.

It was one night.  I was tired, not feeling my best. It was an awful day at work and all I wanted to do was get home, crawl in my bed and sleep.  Just rest.  You called.  I said I wasn’t up for company.  You insisted to stop by.  You said you would bring hot soup.  You would sit with me.  You would make sure I was okay.

You knocked.  I opened the door.  You smiled.  You hugged me.  I smiled. You rubbed my shoulders. I said that felt nice.  You unfastened my bra.  I said, not tonight.  You said, “I’ll make you feel better.”  I said, “No!  Seriously, I’m not feeling well, please, not tonight!” You frowned a little, but sat on the couch, grabbed the remote and found a movie.  I snuggled near you, with my blanket and a cup of tea, wondering silently what happened to the hot soup.   I fell asleep, with my head on your shoulder.

I felt a push, my back now on the couch.  You removed my panties and did not care as I struggled and screamed No! You made no sound. You made no sound. You made no sound.

You grabbed the remote, searching for another movie.

I made no sound.






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