Photo by Amar Saleem on Pexels.com

I have shoes, a lot of shoes! I cleaned out my closet, trying to get rid of clothes and shoes I can no longer wear. I had a problem letting go of the shoes I couldn’t get my swollen feet into. I have shoes that are over 10 years old, never worn, hoping for some crazy reason, that on a good day, my feet and ankles will appear slim and slide into the shoes like Cinderella putting on her glass slippers. I tried again today knowing that my ankles looked like a round can and the fat on my feet creeping to cover my toes. I don’t do well in the summer heat! Finally trying on the shoes multiple times, I let three pairs go, but still held on to the other two pairs. Hey! Don’t judge me! It could happened! Is there a lesson to this? Well, of course!

As I age gracefully, there are some things my body will not do anymore. My bald spot in the top of my thin hair will not grow. My breast will never ever lift again and stand at attention. My hips will look like dimples dent created by cellulite and my feet will require that I find the most comfortable pair of shoes, so that I won’t wobble as I walk.

Embrace all of it. Embrace that you are still alive to experience the image of looking in a mirror and seeing the wrinkles in your forehead, trying on again a dress that you wore at your friend’s wedding twenty years ago and being disappointed that your waist has gone sideways, and appreciating that you still have many good memories that keep you grounded in a chaotic world, imagining that it is still possible to wear those shoes you still keep in the box, collecting dusk. One day. One day. Maybe? It doesn’t matter! Just keep the damn shoes!

Be Bless My Friends,

Rev. JacquiP


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