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What do you hear when your windows are up and there is a slight breeze coming through? Do you hear your neighbors gossip as they sit on their porches? Do you hear the cars from a nearby busy street? Do you hear children playing and laughing as they jump in a bouncy house placed for a birthday celebration? Do you hear the birds chirping? Do hear the dog barking at the squirrels running up and down the tree? Do you hear the video reels in the background of old Sopranos clips being played because someone in your household can’t let go? Do you hear your heart beat? Do you hear your breath? Do you hear space full with vibration that is safe? Do you hear life happening around you that is pleasant and assuring, with no thought of hearing sounds that destroy and murder? Do you hear the future of living in a world where gun violence in not the norm?

Do you hear children playing and laughing……? Do you hear?


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